Pruning Essentials 101

Just like any element in nature, our plants suffer dents from time to time. This may be in the form of dead leaves, dead flowers, weak stems or disease. We need to prevent these kinds of occurrence from spreading throughout our plants by pruning.

Pruning is the cutting off of unwanted or dead parts from our plants. The main advantages why pruning is such a great medicine are;

  • It stops plants from pouring energy into producing for the weaker parts and instead channels it into making more high-quality leaves and flowers.
  • It encourages new growth and flowering.
  • It helps to control the size and shape of your plants, keeping everything neat and uniform.
  • It helps to protect plants from pests and diseases which can gain entry through broken stems and wounds.

The colour brown is an indication that it is time to prune, what you want is a healthy green vibrancy. Overgrowth and unsightliness is also be a good indicator for pruning. Inspect your plants regularly for dead leaves, fading flowers and stems that have abrasions and then proceed to prune.

Below find tips that ensure a successful prune that eliminate chances of damage to your beauties;

  • Always use sharp tools; these may be hand shears or very sharp scissors. Dull shears could damage your plants.
  • Cut just above a bud at an angle. Cutting too close will cause the bud to dry out and cutting too far may create an entry way for disease.
  • Always check underneath the foliage to ensure that you do not miss any unwanted parts.
  • Fertilize your plants after pruning.
  • Set your potted plants in a different place away from direct sunlight until they recover from pruning and then return them to their original location.
  • In the case of disease, dip your pruning tool in alcohol between cuts to prevent any spread.

It is a no-brainer that if you pay attention to your plants, they will reward you with beautiful foliage and blooming wonders! Go on now, take charge!

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